Essential Good Governance Training

Good governance ensures the overall direction, effectiveness, supervision, and accountability of an organisation. It demonstrates a willingness and ability to act in the best interests of the organisation, ensuring the operation of effective, open and ethical processes which adhere to the law and stand up to scrutiny. This helps reaffirm public trust and confidence in individual organisations and in the sector as a whole. 

Supporting Communities can help your organisation to develop good governance and comply with the Charity Commission's regulations.

Essential Training Opportunities

Supporting Communities is currently providing essential training across all areas of Northern Ireland. Within each area, we will be running sessions during the day and in the evening to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to attend. The training will consist of two sessions and will cover:

  • Effective Meetings and Good Governance
  • Managing Charity Finances

If you have a Community Base, are a member of the HCN / TSP system, or are unsure of the governance regulations expected of you by the Charity Commission NI, it is important that you attend or have a representative from your charity at these training events. 

For the dates of training in your local area, please contact your Liaison Officer or visit the events section of our website: 

For any other queries, please contact:
Stephen Marks on 02825 645676