Digital skills are essential for everyone to be included in our modern world. We offer a range of courses in basic digital skills to get you and your group up to speed!

On addition to the full courses listed here, we also offer more casual short sessions on a range of topics which may be suitable as taster sessions for groups just starting to dip their toes into the digital world or interested in a specific topic.

Basic Tablet Skills- Non-accredited

(8 weeks/half day)

Many people have a tablet computer of some kind at home, but are you getting the most out of it? This course covers the basics including:

  • Understanding your device

  • Browsing the internet

  • Sending emails

  • Taking photographs

  • Shopping Online

  • Using Social Media

Computer Essentials OCN Level 1

(6 weeks/half day)

This accredited course will help you get to grips with a laptop computer. Gain an understanding of the device itself and develop basic operating skills including:

  • Understanding the basic components of a computer and associated input devices

  • Awareness of computer security and privacy

  • How to organise, store and retrieve information

  • Word processing skills

  • Browsing the internet

  • Sending emails

Computer Essentials OCN Level 2

(8 weeks/half day)

Take your basic skills to the next level with the Level 2 progression course. In this class you will learn to:

  • Use IT systems to meet a variety of needs

  • Be able to manage storage and information appropriately

  • Improve word processing skills

  • Learn to email & send attachments

  • Browse the internet

  • Shop online

  • Use social media like Facebook

  • Understand the need for safety and security practices