Good governance and effective working practices are essential to any successful group. Pick and choose the short courses you need or work your way through all the core skills in our more intensive Community Capacity Building accredited courses.

Good Governance & Effective Meetings
(2.5 hours)

In this short course, you will learn to:

  • Identify the Code of Good Governance and the key principles of the Code

  • Identify own current provision around Good Governance and identify how the Code can improve this.

  • Identify useful resources for their own groups

  • Highlight the importance of meetings

  • Describe how to plan and conduct meetings

Reporting to the Charity Commission
(2.5 hours)

The aim of this session is to help participants improve their skills and knowledge around the reporting requirements for the Charity Commission NI.

  • What you need to prepare for Annual Reporting to the Charities Commission

  • The Charity Commission Guidelines for Reporting

  • 13 steps to complete your Trustees Annual Report

Effective Meetings
(2.5 hours)

Get your group up to speed! Learn the basics to make your meetings more effective, including:

  • The importance of meetings

  • The role of good governance

  • How to plan and conduct an effective meeting

This short course will help you to:

  • Identify characteristics of an effective team

  • Acknowledge the importance of good leadership

  • Recognise the stages of team development

  • Improve team efficiency

Team Building
(2.5 hours)

Help your group grow! Learn about:

  • How to recruit, retain and motivate committee/board members

  • Promoting good governance and teamwork

  • Inspiring people to get involved

  • Attracting and developing appropriate skills

Developing & Nurturing Community Groups
(2.5 hours)

Every organisation needs to think about their longer term future and have plans, procedures and understandings in place. By the end of this session participants should be able to:

  • Define Succession planning

  • Identify challenges for groups

  • Highlight importance of planning for the future

  • Examine their own organisation/group and ask how well equipped they are for succession

Succession Planning
(2.5 hours)

Does your group manage a building? Make sure you understand everything that is involved.

  • Understanding your Lease or Service Level Agreement

  • Your roles and responsibilities

  • How to effectively manage a facility

Facilities Management
(2.5 hours)