The Rural Residents’ Forum (RRF) was developed by the Rural Community Network to support rural tenants. It was established in 2009 as part of the Housing Executive’s Rural Homes and People Strategy and is now part of the Housing Community Network (HCN) focusing specifically on scrutinising housing issues from a rural perspective. 

The Forum represents residents from rural housing estates across NI and membership is drawn from representatives across all six counties. It is supported by NIHE’s Rural Unit, the Rural Community Network, and is attended by Supporting Communities.

The group has actively engaged with NIHE staff over key issues such as DfC’s Social Housing Reform Programme consultation and NIHE’s Community Involvement Strategy.

The Forum is a place for residents to share good practice, share experiences of their representation of their areas on various committees and to discuss issues common to rural residents across the region.  The residents have a keen interest in working to ensure all rural residents have access to information, advice and support. 

Minutes of the Forum's meetings can be downloaded below:

Recent Meetings