We offer the following courses around Tenant Participation practice and methods which are of interest to both community members and social housing providers.

If you work for a Housing Association, you can also find more training and resources for your Tenant Participation work through our trading arm, Empowering Communities.

Basic Scrutiny Training
(2.5 hours)

What is ‘scrutiny’? Gain an awareness of this practice and what is involved in participating on scrutiny panel.

  • Understand how scrutiny has evolved

  • Understand the role of scrutiny

  • Understand how scrutiny fits within the housing context

  • Understand your role within scrutiny panels

Find out how to help your prospective new tenants get ready to take on new responsibilities. By the end of participants should be able to:

  • Know what is expected of them as a tenant

  • Be aware of their responsibilities and the Landlords responsibilities

  • Be aware of the challenges of sustaining a tenancy

  • Have a knowledge of budgeting

  • Know the characteristics of a ‘good neighbour’

Pre-Tenancy Awareness
(2.5 hours)

Tenant Participation & Community Development OCN Level 2*

4 weeks/half day or 2 full days

This course looks at the intersection of Tenant Participation and Community Development. Suitable for those working in social housing as well as community workers that engage with social housing providers.

*We also offer this course in a non-accredited form and it can be tailored to the needs of your organisation.

This course will ensure participants are able to:

  • Understand what tenant participation is

  • Understand the policy context within UK

  • Have a knowledge of the tenant participation requirements in NI

  • Be aware of the range of approaches to tenant participation

  • Understand of the components of a good tenant participation strategy

  • Understand what community development is

  • Have a knowledge of the different approaches to community development

  • Understand the community development process

  • Be aware of the governance requirements

  • Understand the links between tenant participation and community development

Improving Housing Services
OCN Level 2

4 weeks/half day or 2 full days

‘Scrutiny’ or ‘Service Improvement’ is one of the many ways for people who live in social housing to get involved and have a say in the services they receive from their housing provider. Learn how it works with this level 2 course.

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the context of service improvement and what it is

  • Be able to explain the purpose and function of Scrutiny exercises

  • Have the knowledge and tools to carry out a Scrutiny exercise

  • Recognise the challenges and opportunities for service improvement – both for organisations and individuals