The Central Housing Forum is a consultative panel to the Housing Executive and is made up from representatives from each of the 13 areas, as well as representation from hard to reach groups including young people, people with disabilities and people from rural areas.

The Central Housing Forum represents the Housing Community Network, the key forum for tenant engagement in Northern Ireland. The Housing Community Network is comprised of approximately 500 community groups across NI as well as representative tenant involvement panels in each of the Housing Executive Areas of housing management.

This forum has a recognised and meaningful role in the monitoring and decision making process of the Housing Executive and influences decisions affecting tenants and communities. The panel scrutinises policies and procedures and, moreover, they act as a quality assurance to the Housing Executive Board with whom they meet on a regular basis. 

See also: Central Housing Forum/ Housing Community Network Manifesto

Supporting Communities acts as the secretariat for the forum. 

Records of Past Meeting