Supporting Communities is a member of the Developing Governance Group, a group of charity sector support organisations dedicated to helping voluntary and community organisations comply with best practice and their statutory obligations. We can support your organisation to develop good governance and comply with the Charity Commission's regulations.

What is Governance?

Governance is about leadership and ensuring that an organisation is effectively and properly run. Across Northern Ireland, voluntary and community sector organisations are playing a key role, delivering local support services, helping individuals and groups, and providing numerous benefits to the public. In turn, those organisations receive a range of support, from funding to volunteer time, skills and knowledge. That is why it is so important organisations are able to retain the public’s trust and confidence.

Good governance ensures the overall direction, effectiveness, supervision, and accountability of an organisation. It demonstrates a willingness and ability to act in the best interests of the organisation, ensuring the operation of effective, open and ethical processes which adhere to the law and stand up to scrutiny. This helps reaffirm public trust and confidence in individual organisations and in the sector as a whole. See our governance training courses available here.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is about looking at where your group is now, where it needs to go and what you can do to get there. Not only will it provide continuity for your group at times of member turnover and a clear plan for member progression and replacement, but it also provides recognition and reward for long serving members as they mentor new members and share their knowledge. Most importantly, it encourages groups to identify critical roles and skills and seek out or train up members to meet those needs. 

Read more and watch our video highlighting four different group's approaches to involving new people and planning for the future of their committees.

The Code of Good Governance

The Code of Good Governance, 2016

The Code of Good Governance, 2016

The Developing Governance Group has produced a Code of Good Governance which sets out the principles and key elements of good governance for the boards of voluntary and community organisations in Northern Ireland. The second edition of the Code was launched in early 2016 in order to keep up to date with new developments in charity regulation. It provides a valuable and practical resource for charitable organisations large and small.

The DIY Committee Guide website elaborates on each principle of governance and has further guidance, resources, and articles available to help your organisation comply with the Code.

While it is not mandatory, the Code has been widely accepted as the set of standards for governance in the sector. It is intended to help and support organisations by identifying the standards to which they should be working as management committees, executive committees, boards of directors, boards of trustees or any other type of governing body.

Governance Health Check

A self-assessment tool has also been devised by the Developing Governance Group as a practical resource to assist committees/boards to work towards adhering to the principles of the Code. It should help committees/boards of any size to demonstrate their good governance practices to their stakeholders, beneficiaries and funders alike.  

Download the Health Check here and see where your organisation can improve it's governance.