"20 is Plenty": Slow down on Langley Road!

Langley Road in Ballynahinch is a large housing estate with properties along both sides of the town’s main through route with adjoining smaller estates and culs de sac.  The main road through the estate also links two other major thoroughfares into the town.  Residents here have long battled for traffic calming measures to combat vehicles speeding through their neighbourhood.

Supporting Communities have assisted members of the Langley Road Community Association in raising this issue via the local inter-agency panel which includes representation from Transport NI.

Through continuous pressure from the Group and support from local residents, Langley Road Estate has become one of the pilot areas for a “20 is Plenty” scheme in Northern Ireland. 

New speed limit signs have recently been provided in the estate, plus, again through the Inter-Agency, the Group has negotiated with the PSNI to provide speed detection operations in the estate.

Their perseverance and joint working approach in this matter has finally paid off for Langley Road CA and we hope they see the results of this work right away on safer streets!

Photo: Members of the Langley Road CA in Ballynahinch along with Cllr Billy Walker.