Social Investments in Social Housing Communities: Expressions of Interest

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In response to the challenges being experienced by communities which continue to constrain their growth and renewal, the Housing Executive has developed a Strategy which will provide support to social housing communities and help them become more self-sustaining and economically vibrant.

The Strategy will complement existing programmes of support for community involvement, community safety and community cohesion. It will provide additional finance and the other resources for investment in the development of the local social economy, and in the creation of community-owned Social Enterprises.

Social Enterprises are businesses, operating on a sound commercial footing, which return their profits to the communities within which they operate, and help build social capital and social value for their residents. The impacts of our social investments will help to transform local social housing communities, and the lives of the individuals and families within them, by increasing inward investment, creating new and innovative self-sustaining development opportunities, and improving life chances. Social housing enterprises can create employment opportunities for those who might otherwise remain unemployed, invest in community-based projects, act to protect or improve the local environment, and provide services which are important and accessible for those who might not otherwise get them.

Following an engagement with the Housing Executive’s Social Investment team, Colm McDaid affirmed the commitment of Supporting Communities to providing assistance and capacity building to community groups and Housing Executive staff in fulfilling the objectives of this Strategy.

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