Milltown Super Adults - 10 Years and Counting!

Milltown Super Adults Club (Mid Ulster) recently celebrated their 10th anniversary with the launch of a commemorative book in Gardeners Hall in Dungannon. The group was originally formed to combat the isolation felt by many senior citizens in the area through the provision of a range of activities and trips.

Supporting Communities has provided support and guidance to the group since its inception in 2007 with training, funding support and administrative support helping the Super Adults bring about great change for older people in the area through activities like bus trips, classes, and the development of Gardeners Hall in the heart of Milltown.

To celebrate their 10th year, the group organised a dinner for members and invited guests, a 3-day trip to Dublin for members, and a launch event for the book.

William Cardwell, Chairman of the Super Adults, is quoted in the book saying that “We have had great support from Supporting Communities staff over the years and we know they do a great job all over NI. It’s a big thank you to them for getting us the funding and helping in every way. We couldn’t have done this without their help.”

Martin Quinn from Supporting Communities added, “The Super Adults are an inspirational group and an excellent example of local people taking the initiative and making things happen in their area. Over the years the committee has worked closely with Supporting Communities to ensure that the group is run effectively and ultimately that the members are provided with regular events and activities to come together.”

Over the years, the group has also engaged in several forums and meetings to ensure that the views and opinions of older people are heard and continue to be heard. The Club recently held their Annual General Meeting and remain as committed as ever to support and respond to the needs of older people in Milltown.