Participants Needed!!

Is your only Internet access through your phone? Would you like to earn £60 by taking part in a 2 hour research discussion?

ESRO have just been commissioned by Ofcom to look into whether there is a growing number of people only accessing the internet via their smartphones. Ofcom believe that a significant number of these individuals will be living in temporary housing or are from lower income families and have no way of registering for a fixed telephone line or broadband connection. Ofcom believe that smartphone-only internet uses may be a sign of digital exclusion and pose particular challenges around management of and access to content and also around security of information.

Reps will be in Belfast on 25th and 26th February and are really keen to speak to a handful of people who may only be using their phones to access the internet for about two hours.

To take part please call 020 7735 8040 or email