Digital inclusion continues to be a growing area of work for Supporting Communities. Being digitally literate is no longer a luxury for an elite group, it is a must have skill for everyone in order to manage information, communicate, save money, access support and government services. It has become an essential tool for modern day citizenship and participation and no one can afford to be left behind.

Our Approach

Our approach to digital inclusion, like all of our work, is focused on the needs of individuals and communities. Building on our work in community development, we have advanced new models of engagement and a flexible project management style to suit all sorts of people and situations.

Working in partnership with the NI Direct Digital Inclusion Unit, our Digital Champion Initiative enhances the Go ON NI programme. We encourage groups to take a self-help approach by providing support, advice, information and training to individuals across Northern Ireland.

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Supporting Communities have been incredibly successful at providing training, help, and support to those who need it. They continue to show that digital inclusion isn’t about technology. It’s about people: people helping other people to see how the internet can transform their lives. Local, face to face, friendly and supportive – they really do put people at the centre of digital inclusion.
— Mark Bennett, Digital Transformation Service, Dept.of Finance

We also provide accredited and non-accredited Computer Essentials Training to groups as well as signposting to other partnership projects including the Libraries NI Got IT programme.

 Locations of Training Since 2012

Locations of Training Since 2012

Courses Available:

  • OCN Level 1 - 6 Weeks
  • OCN Level 2 - 10 Weeks
  • Tablet Training - 8 weeks
  • Informal Digital Awareness Sessions
  • MOT/Car Tax Session
  • Online Prescriptions Sessions
  • Digital Drop-In Sessions