Supporting Communities maintains an information resource on tenant participation, housing policy and practice, community development and community participation, and organisational good governance. Please get in touch to discuss your group's needs.

Fact Sheets

We have a selection of fact sheets covering the topics below. These are available on request. Please contact your Liaison Officer or email our headquarters for more detail.

  • Building a Successful Community Group
  • Understanding Constitutions
  • Conducting a Survey
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Records and Book Keeping
  • Producing a Business Development Plan
  • Producing Community News
  • Council Funding
  • Trust Funding
  • Lottery Grants
  • Statutory Funding
  • Guide to Business Funding

Briefing Papers Online

  • Universal Credit - Getting ready for the NI Roll Out of the new benefit system.
  • GDPR - Is your organisation ready for the change in Data Protection laws? 

Governing Documents / Constitutions

Because each group is unique, we don't recommend or provide template documents for constituting or managing your organisation. We can discuss your group's needs and support you to develop systems and structures that match your goals.

For more information, read about The Code of Good Governance.