Website Grants

The Transform Foundation helps small and mid-size charities to transform their digital presence to reach more people, raise funds and better serve their beneficiaries.

They provide funding of up to £18,000 to cover the strategy, design, build, content strategy, training, QA and launch of a new mobile optimised website, with sophisticated marketing, fundraising, appeals, social media, e-commerce and website management tools

  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis

  • The grant covers 100% of the website design and build costs with our current grant partner. Your organisation will need to cover ongoing costs for a minimum of a 12 month commitment

Application process

Before applying: Please check the eligibility criteria for the grant and please read the FAQs and Why Applications Fail. They also provide a regular webinar hosted by their Chief Executive to help organisations decide whether or not the grant opportunity is right for them.

  • Stage 1: A simple online form to check you fit the eligibility criteria and that you have clear, measurable plan for deploying the funding to generate income or impact. This to takes no more than 15 minutes for organisations to complete. The Transform Foundation endeavours to respond to each application within 1 month of applying, and will provide brief reasons if you are unsuccessful

  • Stage 2: A detailed online meeting with a technology consultant to assess the impact a new site could create and to review the technical fit. You will be provided with full documentation re-capping all details of the programme for your review.

  • Agreeing the contract: If you are successful the Foundation will send you the paperwork to review. There is no obligation to accept the grant if you are successful in the application. Your charity must make the ultimate decision on whether or not this is right for them.

Should you apply

The Transform Foundation are seeking to support organisations that are looking to use their website as a marketing platform in order to achieve their charitable objectives, whether they be raising funds, recruiting volunteers, carrying out online petitions or reaching beneficiaries. Therefore, they do not fund organisations who simply want a basic brochure-style website or who have no defined measures of success

To apply and to find out more information: