Aughrim Landfill Programme Grants - to support projects working in the conservation and promotion of biodiversity projects and protection of the social environment.

What is the Aughrim Programme about?

Aughrim Landfill Programme is a partnership between Aughrim Landfill Ltd and Groundwork NI. Funding for Aughrim Landfill Programme is through the Landfill Communities Fund (LFC) and is derived from Aughrim Landfill Ltd’s operations at Aughrim landfill site, near Lisburn.

How much is our funding for?

The grants available are from £5,000 to £10,000


Projects that are eligible through the Augrhim Programme must meet all these requirements:

  • Address one of the two eligible Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) objects,

    • Object D: Public parks and amenities

    • Or Object DA: Conservation of biodiversity.

  • Access: be open to the general public a minimum of four evenings or two days a week, equivalent to 104 days a year (no applicable to object DA).

  • Location: Priority will be given to projects located within 10 miles of Aughrim landfill.

  • Use of money: be for capital works on a defined site, and all funding sought should relate directly to project delivery.

  • Finances: be able to reimburse Aughrim Landfill Ltd for 10% of the total sum given.

Other requirements:

  • have proof of land ownership or be able to demonstrate landowner/landlord consent for the proposed project. For projects located on Council land this must be in the form of minuted Committee approval.

  • Have all match funding in place at time of application.

  • Have planning permit (if needed) in place at time of application

  • If you want more information on the Landfill Community Fund’s requirements, please


How to Apply

For further information and access to the online application, please visit our website

Application deadlines

The next deadline for 2019 is Friday 11 October 2019

Dates for 2020 are Friday 24 January, 24 April, 24 July and 23 October