Ulster Garden Villages Limited Grants - Priorities are Health, Disadvantaged sections of our society, Young people, Culture & Heritage Environment

Ulster Garden Villages Limited was established under the Industrial and Provident Societies Acts (Northern Ireland) in 1946 with the principal objective of providing good quality housing and associated amenities for the disadvantaged and aged.

The main objectives are:

  • Health

  • Disadvantaged sections of our society

  • Young people

  • Culture & Heritage

  • Environment

Preferred projects will be those demonstrating active participation and self-help. They should be innovative and developmental with an achievable, practical and sustainable objective. They will not fund activities which are the responsibility of any statutory agency, neither will they fund the direct replacement of statutory funding.

The Committee will only make donations toward specific projects under the control of a responsible organisation and when large capital projects are involved, only when satisfied that the sponsoring organisation has raised or is capable of raising the remainder of the finance required.

How to Apply

They will require information about your organisation and the project you propose. This includes:

  • the purpose of your organisation

  • how it is constituted, administered and funded

  • a description of your proposed project

  • the project costs and timescale

  • how it will be managed

  • what you hope to achieve

  • how the project will be sustained or finished

Application for all grants should be made on the Ulster Garden Villages Limited Application Form. Where additional space is required, supporting information will be accepted provided it follows the sequence and content of the sections specified on the Application Form.

Where the project is in excess of £50,000 more detail in relation to project rationale, economic appraisal and building proposals, if relevant, should be included. Your most recent annual report and audited accounts and evidence of charitable status will also be required.

For further information and to apply please visit http://www.ulstergardenvillages.co.uk/

No deadline - Applications can be made at any time