Leeds Building Society Charitable Foundation - donations of up to £1,000 available

Leeds Building Society Charitable Foundation makes donations of up to £1,000 to UK registered charities towards practical items that directly support those in need including those with disabilities, affected by homelessness, or with serious health issues.

Donations are normally in the range of £250 to £1000. The application must be for capital expenditure. That means items must directly help those in need, rather than contributing to the charity's running costs.

Who can Apply

The Foundation accepts applications from UK registered charities, or those affiliated with a registered charity. Donations usually fund items of "capital expenditure". That means items must directly help those in need, rather than contributing to the charity's running costs.

You don't need to have an account or mortgage with Leeds Building Society to apply for funding.

Some examples of the areas in which they have made donations include:

  • Homeless people;

  • Adults and children with physical and mental disabilities;

  • Older people

  • Underprivileged families

  • Deaf, blind and partially sighted people; and

  • Community projects benefiting local residents

  • Victims of natural and civil disasters in the UK

  • Scout, Guide & Play groups.


The Foundation is unable to support:

  • Religious, military or political projects

  • Overseas charities

  • Individuals (including sponsorship)

  • Animal welfare projects

  • Medical research

  • General running costs, such as salaries, rent or utility bills

  • General fundraising appeals

How to Apply

You can apply online.

All applications will be acknowledged by email within 14 days.  If they need more information they will contact you.

The Trustees meet quarterly in March, June, September and November with the meeting dates available on the website.  Applications need to be received 28 days before each meeting date. Next deadline for applications is Monday 7th October 2019

They will try to consider your application at the next scheduled meeting. But if they have a large number of applications, or if they don't have enough funds available, they may need to take it to another meeting during the year.

They are happy to provide support at every step of the application process. If you are unsure how to proceed with your application please telephone 0113 225 7518.