The Ireland Funds Small Grants Round - NOW OPEN

What is the Small Grants Round?

The Ireland Funds Small Grants Round supports a wide range of not-for-profit and community

organisations in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

What awards are offered in the Small Grants Round?

The Small Grants Round offers awards up to €10,000 for small not-for-profit and community

organisations. Projects seeking larger grant amounts will not be considered for the Small Grants


A total of €500,000 is available for the Small Grants Round 2019 comprised of:

  • 30 x €2,500 awards

  • 55 x €5,000 awards

  • 15 x €10,000 awards

What are the funding priorities of the 2019 Small Grants Round?

The Ireland Funds Small Grants Round is suitable for organisations making an impact and a positive

contribution in their local community. Suitable applicants will have projects that align closely with

The Ireland Funds priorities –

  • Community Development,

  • Education,

  • Arts & Culture and

  • Peace &Reconciliation.

 Organisations should be able to clearly demonstrate how their project impacts upon the lives of

their participants and their local communities. Projects should have tangible and quantifiable

outcomes as well as qualitative outcomes.

Before beginning your application, ensure that your application activity does not fall within one of the

ineligible items listed in the guidelines. If you are unsure as to whether an activity is eligible please contact a member of our Grants Team.

How do I apply?

Small Grant Round Applications are being accepted through an online application form only. The link

to the application form is available via the website

Upcoming Workshops

  • Derry~Londonderry

    Tues, 27th August 2019

    (10.30am – 12.30pm)

  • Belfast

    Wed, 28th August 2019

    (10.30am – 12.30pm)

For assistance with the Small Grant Round application form, please contact The Ireland Funds Grants Team at +353 01 662 7878.

Deadline for applications is 12 noon on 11th September 2019.

Late applications will not be accepted.