DAERA - Capital Environmental Challenge Competition - for projects to help people to connect with the natural environment and to conserve our most important habitats

A Capital Environmental Challenge Competition has been launched.  This is a grant competition for CAPITAL funding for projects to help people to connect with the natural environment and to conserve our most important habitats. The key areas for funding under this CAPITAL Challenge Competition for connecting people with the environment are:

  • Paths and recreation infrastructure;

  • Land purchase essential for the management of priority habitats and species or recreation infrastructure;

  • The creation of data products, particularly for outdoor recreation.

There is NO PROGRAMME/RESOURCE FUNDING to accompany the Capital funding but you may use other programme/resource funding as match funding for your project – but not funding you already receive under the 2019-22 Strategic Strand of the Environment Fund.

The normal Terms and Conditions of grant for the Environment Fund can be found here https://www.daera-ni.gov.uk/publications/ef-indicative-standard-conditions-offer along with the Environment Fund Guidance Notes (Part 1 & Part 2 )  which may be useful to help you to complete some of the questions in the Application Form – these have not been written specifically for this Challenge Competition but apply to the overall Environment Fund.

Payment of grant will be in arrears.

Creation of buildings are not eligible.

There is no need to re-submit an application for projects that are already identified for potential in-year funding in any offer you already have under the 2019-22/23 Environment Fund Strategic Strand.

How much can we offer?

For the Capital Environmental Challenge Competition the minimum overall project cost is set at £20,000. The maximum grant awarded to any individual project will be £50,000 and funding will be limited up to a maximum of 75% of eligible costs.

Applications may be refused or offered a lower level of funding if there is insufficient budget or there are concerns about value for money or risks in delivering the outputs.

How to apply

1.The following documents are available to download at https://www.daera-ni.gov.uk/articles/environment-fund

  • EF Capital Challenge Competition 2019/20 Funding Criteria & Environmental Impact Priorities;

  • EF 2018 Guidance Notes (Part 2);

  • EF indicative Standard Conditions of Offer;

  • EF Capital Challenge Competition Application Form Business Case

2. Read the EF 2018 Guidance Notes (Part 2) and EF 2018 Funding Criteria & Environmental Impact Priorities documents thoroughly to decide if the EF is suitable for your project.

3. Read the indicative EF Standard Conditions of Offer which outline many of the conditions you will need to comply with if you are awarded funding. You will need to consider the actions you will need to undertake to deliver on these considerations and any associated costs as part of your application;

4. Discuss your project proposal with a relevant member of DAERA staff. Contact details can be provided by Grant Team staff who can be contacted by email on efgrants@daera-ni.gov.uk or on 028 9056 9610.

5. Referring to the EF Guidance Notes Parts 2, complete the EF Capital Challenge Competition 2019/20 Application Form Business Case.

6. Submit the Application Form Business Case and any required accompanying information by e-mail to efgrants@darea-ni.gov.uk by the advertised closing date.

7. DAERA reserves the right to make an offer of funding that is different from the details or financial amounts that are set out in the applications

General Grant Queries

For information about the Environment Fund please contact a member of the team: efgrants@daera-ni.gov.uk

Grant Team Leader:

Gerard O’Neill - T: 02890 569598 E: gerard.oneill2@daera-ni.gov.uk   

Closing date for applications is noon on Tuesday 27 August 2019.