The Ireland Funds Flagship Awards 2019 - Key Programme areas are Arts & Culture, Community Development, Education, and Peace & Reconciliation.

The Ireland Funds is delighted to officially announce €1 million in available funding for our 2019 Grant Round. The €1 million will be split evenly across the Flagship Awards and the Small Grants Round.

A Flagship Award can be up to €100,000 in financial support over a two-year period, together with an array of additional non-financial supports. A total of €500,000 is available for the Flagship Awards in 2019.

What are the Flagship Awards?

The Ireland Funds Flagship Awards offers grants for core funding, capacity building or programme costs for charitable organisations working within one of our key programme areas:

  • Arts & Culture,

  • Community Development,

  • Education,

  • and Peace & Reconciliation.

Our aim is to improve the quality and sustainability of existing programmes, or to help scale initiatives already demonstrating impact.

How do I apply?

All Letters of Inquiry must be submitted online via where further guidelines are available to assist applicants. Late submissions will not be accepted. You will receive an immediate acknowledgment to confirm that your Letter of Inquiry was received.

The review process for eligible inquiries can take up to 4 weeks, at which point you will either receive an email noting that your application will not be progressed, or that your organisation has been invited to make a full application.

Guidelines for the Letter of Inquiry

  • Maximum 2 pages uploaded in .pdf, .doc. or .docx file format

  • There is no specific format, but applicants are encouraged to include the problem you are addressing, the solution your project is offering and the potential impact and measurable targets you hope to achieve. Compelling, innovative and engaging proposals are strongly encouraged.

Deadline for applications is 12pm on Wednesday 14th August 2019.