Comic Relief: Children Surviving and Thriving Grants Available

We want all children to survive and to achieve their potential during the first years of life - through good health, nutrition, opportunities for early learning, responsive and supportive care giving, safety and protection.

We want parents and other family members, communities and services to adopt the principles of children’s rights to survive and thrive, leaving no child behind, and supporting child-centred and family-centred care and nurturing.

As a result of the Comic Relief investment we wish to see a contribution to one or more of the following sub-themes:

  • Developing community-based initiatives that contribute to sustained reduction in child food poverty

  • Supporting families with young children, to help them reach their developmental potential up to their successful transition to primary school – through good health, nutrition, opportunities for early learning, responsive and supportive caregiving, safety and protection

  • Reducing harm – for example, ensuring a strong focus on children and families who are experiencing or at high risk of neglect or abuse; building resilience among children with adverse childhood experiences; and tackling gender-related barriers that lead to unequal access for girls and boys to services and support

  • Building capacity to improve the delivery of early childhood development, based on evidence of what works

  • Strengthening organisations driving these changes, to ensure the work has long term benefit

  • Supporting parents, carers and communities to be active and knowledgeable champions of effective early child development

  • Developing and influencing guidelines, procedures, policies and implementation plans, and acting on opportunities for meaningful collaboration among key stakeholders

The maximum grant available will be £5,000

Who Can Apply?

You must be a locally led and based organisation. This means you are based within the area you are carrying out activities and have local people involved in the running of the organisation. As such we accept applications from the voluntary and community sector including:

  • constituted voluntary and community groups

  • charities

  • social enterprises

  • co-operatives

  • community interest companies

  • organisations with income levels of £250,000 or below

Your organisation will need to have been running activities for a minimum of 12 months


It is anticipated that this will be a very competitive programme. Having priorities helps us to make difficult decisions when there are so many applications.

Priority will be given to small, locally based and local run groups or organisations. Depending on the quality and volume of applications received priority will be given to:

  • Those with the lived experience where people directly affected by the issues are involved in shaping, evaluating and benefiting from the programme to be supported.

  • Those that are new to Comic Relief and/or Community Foundation funding

  • Those in geographically underfunded areas

What we won’t fund:

  • Vehicles, land, property, large scale building works

  • Salary Costs and general core running costs, unless specific to delivery of a particular project

  • Capital equipment

  • Retrospective costs/debts

  • Solicitor fees

  • Medical expenses and medicines

  • Holidays and overseas trips or shopping trips

How to Apply

For further information and the online application form please visit,

It is recommended that you read our Grant FAQs before starting your grant application.  Should you have any further questions please contact the Grants Team on 028 9024 5927 or email

Closing Date:  Wednesday 10th July 2019 at 1:00pm.