British Red Cross: PRISM Small Grants - To improve integration of groups within communities

The British Red Cross, ArtsEkta, Corrymeela and the Irish Red Cross have partnered to develop a project which brings together different cultures from across Northern Ireland.  As part of this project small PEACE IV grants of up to £2500 are available for eligible organisations to conduct programmes which aim to improve integration of groups within their community.

Who Can Apply?

Voluntary or community groups, with a constitution or set of rules in the group’s name explaining the aims and objectives of the organisation which includes but is not exclusive to Charities, Community Interest Companies and Social Enterprises.

Which Geographical Areas Are Covered?

  • Antrim,

  • North & West Belfast,

  • South & East Belfast,

  • Craigavon,

  • Derry/Londonderry,

  • Dungannon and Newry.

The maximum funding available is £2,500. This includes the following programme costs:

  • Equipment.

  • Venue hire, if you can demonstrate that a venue external to your organisation is clearly required.

  • External Facilitators and expertise. If you are using a facilitator, mediator, or consultant you must provide names and organisations and a detailed breakdown of the rates.

  • For events lasting less than three hours, there is a basic cost for refreshments which is capped at £2.50 for every person present.

  • Refreshment fees are available for events that continue for more than five hours at a capped rate of £8 for every person present.

  • For a residential, which is referenced as essential to the project, fees are capped at £80 for every person for every 24 hour period. This includes accommodation and all refreshments. Activities must be listed and costed separately

  • For expenditure items over £200 you are required to perform a price check in advance of the contract award with at least two suppliers who ordinarily supply the relevant service or product.  A price check can take the form of a written quote, internet check, leaflet etc.

Criteria and Decisions

The small grants initiative aims to compliment and expand the work of the workshops.  The activities financed must therefore promote contact between the below groups:

  • Migrants & Ethnic Minorities

  • Protestant/Unionist/Loyalist

  • Catholic/Nationalist/Republican

Any organisation which hopes to receive funding must show how their proposal will promote and support sustained contact in the community, contact which will continue after the funded initiative is completed.

This can be achieved through one or more of the following:

  • Improving social networks in the community, specifically connections between community members from different groups.

  • Providing opportunities for isolated community members from each of the groups to access the wider life of the community.

  • Increasing the diversity of your client base by helping underrepresented groups access your services and programmes, enabling greater contact between different groups in their community.

Additional information:

The successful organisation must show they have experience bringing communities together and managing potential conflicts.

The programme must reach a minimum of 35 - 50 beneficiaries (the actual number is dependent on how many organisations in each geographical area are awarded the small grant.  A maximum number of two small grants will be awarded per area and there must be 100 beneficiaries in total per area).

The main target / beneficiaries of the programme should be aged 18 and over.

Successful applicants will provide a full breakdown and costing of their programme and will be responsible for accounting for expenditure.

Funding will not be supplied to programmes which have already been fully funded by another source.


Funding will not be provided for the following costs:

  • Staff costs including travel for staff.

  • Academic/Policy or service development research projects.

  • Groups applying to do repeat work with the same participants unless there is a clear rationale demonstrated for doing so.

  • Retrospective funding i.e. activities that have already taken place and been paid for before we offer you a grant.

  • Debts and other liabilities.

  • Reclaimable VAT.

  • Travel outside UK.

How to apply

For further information please contact -

Mrs Gemma Robinson, Project Manager

British Red Cross, 12 Heron Road, Sydenham Business Park, Belfast BT3 9LE

Tel:  028 9073 5371 or email:


Mollie Drew, Project Finance and Admin Officer

British Red Cross, 12 Heron Road, Sydenham Business Park Belfast BT3 9LE

Tel:028 9073 5371 or email:

Closing Date for applications - Friday 2nd August 2019