John Moore Foundation - Grants available

John Moores Foundation is a registered charity, established in 1964, that gives money to community organisations doing charitable work. We focus on funding projects based in Merseyside (including Skelmersdale, Halton, and Ellesmere Port) and Northern Ireland.

They aim to enable people who face barriers, as a result of social, educational, physical, economic, cultural, geographical or other disadvantage, to improve their social conditions and quality of life. 

They do this by making grants to local groups that fall within our areas of interest for items such as, running costs, volunteers' out-of-pocket expenses, one-off projects, equipment and salaries.  Priority is given to small, grass-roots and volunteer driven organisations.  They are an enabling funder and would like to help groups achieve their targets and outcomes in their own way.

How to Apply

Application should be made by letter of no more than four A4 sides accompanied by a completed organisational details form (obtainable from us by letter, phone, email or the link on our website). Please refer to the guidance notes provided with the form and enclose a copy of the information requested. If your project is in Northern Ireland, Click Here to request the form from our Northern Ireland office or alternatively call us on 028 2888 6161.

Applications may be handwritten, but please use black ink as these are photocopied. Many groups who apply to us for funding are visited by us, but we may simply phone for more information. Decisions about which projects to fund are made by the Trustees who meet 5-6 times a year. 

As a general rule applicants should allow 3-5 months for a decision to be made. Once the application is submitted, applicants are welcome to contact the office to find out at which meetings their application may be considered.

For further information please visit