The National Lottery Heritage Fund - New 5 Year Funding Programme

The National Lottery Heritage Fund (previously the Heritage Lottery Fund) has recently rebranded and launched their new 5 year framework and funding programme which aims to simplify the process to fund all kinds of heritage projects.

The difference we want to make with our funding

All of the projects we fund need to achieve one or more of our nine outcomes. We want to fund projects that make a difference for heritage, for people and for communities. The number of outcomes you need to achieve will depend on what you want to deliver and should be proportionate to the size of grant you are requesting or the specific focus of your project.

All projects must achieve the mandatory outcome ‘wider range of people will be involved in heritage’ as a minimum.

What we can fund

Heritage can mean different things to different people.  It can be anything from the past that people value and want to pass on to future generations.

As a guide, this could include:

  • oral history

  • cultural traditions

  • nature and wildlife

  • natural and designed landscapes

  • community archaeology

  • historic buildings, monuments and archaeology

  • collections of objects, books or documents in museums, libraries or archives

  • histories of people, communities and/or places and events

  • heritage of languages and dialects

  • places and objects linked to our industrial, maritime and transport history

Our Grant Programme

We fund heritage projects of all sizes via our grant programme ‘National Lottery Grants for Heritage’

  • Grants of £3,000 to £10,000 – no deadline, apply when ready

  • Grants of £10,000 to £100,000 – no deadline, apply when ready

  • Grants of £100,000 to £250,000 – quarterly deadlines, 28 May, 20 Aug and 19 Nov.

  • Grants of £250,000 to £5m – quarterly deadlines, as above. Apply by 28 May 2019 to receive a decision by the end of September 2019

Support we offer

We provide advice and support to help potential applicants. Groups can read the grant programme information and then submit a Project Enquiry Form for projects between £10,000 and £250,000. We can then provide some advice about whether the project is suitable for the Fund and how to shape your project to make a strong application.

All projects seeking funding of over £250,000 need to submit a mandatory Expression of Interest (EoI) form. We will review the EoIs and advise whether or not we would invite an application for the project. If we invite you to apply then we can provide some advice to help you strengthen your project and application.

Both these forms can be submitted at any time.

How to apply (links to the grant programme and application information)