The Victoria Homes Trust - to assist the physical, mental and spiritual development of young people under 21 years of age.

Grants are available for voluntary projects that assist the physical, mental and spiritual development of young people in Northern Ireland under 21 years of age. Examples of eligible areas include: alcohol and drugs abuse; homelessness; and counselling for those in need of guidance, advice and support.

Maximum value: £ 2,500

Application deadlines: 30th April 2019 and 30th November 2019

Objectives of Fund

The main objects of the Victoria Homes Trust are as follows:

  • To help and educate young people of both sexes under the age of 21.

  • To develop their physical, mental, spiritual and moral capacities so that they grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society and that their conditions of life may be improved.

  • To assist in the training of young people to enable them to maintain themselves at the termination of their education and training.

  • To assist other non-statutory bodies in carrying out any of the above objects.

Who Can Apply

Applications are invited from voluntary organisations and ad hoc groups in Northern Ireland. Preference is given to applications from charities and voluntary organisations with a track record of handling grants and loans.


The following activities are not normally supported:

  • Projects whose beneficiaries are outside Northern Ireland.

  • Projects which do not target the needs of children and young people.

  • Projects for which expenditure has already been incurred.

  • Applications to support playgroups are discouraged.

  • The Trust is unlikely to contribute towards core running costs of charities and voluntary organisations.

  • It is not recommended to apply if a grant has been received within the previous two years.

Eligible Expenditure

The needs of young people are many and the Trust does not wish to overly restrict the scope of applications received by it, however, projects addressing the following needs of children and young persons are particularly welcome:

  • Alcohol and drugs abuse.

  • Homelessness.

  • Counselling for those in need of guidance, advice and support.

The Trust is interested to receive applications where the funding will have a multiplier effect by securing or promoting knock-on benefits, such as training and outreach programmes.

It is important that applicants demonstrate that the project they wish to gain assistance for is confined to the support of children and young adults under the age of 21 years.

The Trust has a preference for supporting short-term projects where visible benefits and outcomes are expected over a period of 3-12 months. This means that the Trust is less likely to assist with projects that involve the improvement of lands or buildings.

How To Apply

Application forms are available to download from