The Hedley Foundation - Grants for work with young people

The Hedley Foundation is a grant giving charitable foundation which supports small to medium sized charities which work with young people.

Scheme details

The principal aim of the Trustees' grant-making is to effect change for the better in the lives of young people.  It follows that most grants will be of a capital or one-off nature, but the Trustees sometimes agree to help fund the introduction of new and innovative projects with a series of up to 3 annual grants.  Few grants exceed £5,000 and most of them go to charities where they can make an impact.

Funding Priorities

  • The Foundation makes grants to small UK registered charities working with young people in the areas of Recreation, Sport, Training, Health and Welfare, Support and outdoor Education of young people between the ages of 11 and 25.

  • The Foundation is particularly keen on open air and adventure-type activities and the funding of appropriate kit and equipment.

  • The Foundation is keen to support small charities which can demonstrate achievement in persuading and deterring at-risk young people from proceeding further down the pathway to custody.

  • A secondary aim is to assist small charities helping with disabled and terminally ill young people through funding for specialist equipment, organised respite breaks and holidays.

  • The Foundation also supports young carers. The Foundation provides limited bursary type funding to organisations which provide apprenticeships and specialist training for talented young people who, for want of money alone, are unable to develop their talents.


  • Grants cannot be made direct to individuals.

  • Applicants must be UK registered charities.

  • They also do not support large or national appeals, core funding, salaries or running costs.

How to apply

Download the application form on the website and post to:

Miss Lucy James

Appeals Manager

The Hedley Foundation

1-3 College Hill

London EC4R 2RA



In 2019, the Trustees will meet on the following dates:

•30th January

•20th March

•15th May

•17th July

•18th September

•20th November


It is advisable to get your application as soon as possible before the date of the meeting in which you would like your application to be considered for.

Applications will not be considered unless they are accompanied by a copy of the most recent set of audited accounts. Applications for the funding of equipment or projects should be accompanied by a breakdown of the costs.

Due to the large number of applications received, the Foundation will not normally consider repeat appeals which are submitted within 18 months from the date of the previous grant. However, charities should not feel that they cannot ask for a "repeat" grant once that period of time has passed.