The Enkalon Foundation

The Enkalon Foundation is a grant-making, registered charitable trust in Northern Ireland.  Grants are available for projects assisting cross-community groups, self-help, assistance to the unemployed and groups helping disadvantaged members of society in Northern Ireland, with particular interest in  Antrim.

Objectives of Fund

The Foundation's main aim is to provide community and social welfare services in Northern Ireland.

The priorities of the fund may vary from year to year but the range of interests is as follows:

  • Cross-community groups.

  • Self-help.

  • Assistance to the unemployed.

  • Groups helping the disadvantaged.

About £200,000 is available for grants each year.  Grants of up to £6,000 are available. The average size of award is between £500 and £1,000.

Match Funding Restrictions

The Foundation rarely provides 100% funding for a project.  However, the level of contribution required from the applicant will vary depending on project size.

Who Can Apply

Organisations with charitable status, working in Northern Ireland are eligible to apply. The Foundation has a particular interest in organisations working in the Antrim Borough area.


Normally grants are not made for the following:

  • Playgroups or sporting groups outside the Antrim Borough area.

  • Individuals.

  • Medical research.

  • Travel outside Northern Ireland.

How To Apply

  • An online application form is available from the Enkalon Foundation website

  • Applications must be submitted one month before the relevant meeting date. The Trustees meet quarterly and the next closing date for applications is Wednesday 22nd May, 2019.

  • The trustees will assess these applications in June 2019.

  • Applicants will be advised as soon as practicable after a meeting has taken place. Applicants successful or unsuccessful will be advised of the Trustees’ decision