ASDA Foundation - Local Impact Funding available

We aim to transform communities, improving lives now and in the future. As a charitable corporate foundation, we give independent grants and support locally relevant projects throughout the UK. Whether it’s helping, charities, local good causes or community activity, all make a real difference to your local community.  Below are the specific guidelines for each of the areas we support through the Local Impact Grant programme, you must fit the criteria to be able to apply, all of which must be not for profit organisations.


Examples of the Local Impact Guidelines/Criteria:


1.       Community

This is about supporting your local community, bringing people together, supporting events which will benefit the wider community or supporting local groups with events/initiatives which will have an impact locally.

2.       Elderly

The Foundation not only wants to focus on the elderly at Christmas as loneliness and isolation is something that affects people throughout the year.

3.       Sporting Activities

Sport and physical activity is not only extremely beneficial for young people’s health but their personal growth, learning of teamwork and other valuable skills. Therefore investing in grass roots sport for young people plays a valuable role and strengthens community cohesion.

4.       Christmas

Christmas is a special time of the year however; it can in some cases be an exceptionally lonely time. The Asda Foundation would like to bring people together who might otherwise not be able to do so, combating loneliness, dealing with disability or other similar needs.  The Christmas Grants are to support your community, by bringing those in need together, organising a lunch, party, events, activities which will really make a difference.

Remember to have a successful application, the Community Champion at the store must be involved or taking part in the event.


How to Apply

  • The Charity/Local Good Cause completes the relevant Application Form (Contact the Community Champion at your local store)

  • The Application Form to be completed in full, no blank spaces – N/A must be entered where applicable.

  • Application Form to be signed and dated by the Applicant

  • GSM Comments must be entered onto the Application Form

  • Asda Community Champion to Sign and Date the Application

  • All required documentation to be included

  • To submit an application scan/email the completed form to or post to: Asda Foundation, Asda House, Great Wilson Street, Leeds, LS11 5AD

  • The Application will be processed within 4 weeks from receipt

  • The Application will be reviewed firstly by the Asda Foundation Senior Manager

  • If unsuccessful - The Asda Community Champion will be contacted either by phone or email with an explanation by the Asda Foundation Team

  • If successful - The Application will go to the next stage

  • The Application will then be reviewed by two Asda Foundation Trustees

For further information on the range of support available from ASDA Foundation visit