Building the Community Pharmacy Partnership (BCPP)

The programme aims to promote and support local communities to work in partnership with community pharmacists to address local health and social wellbeing needs using a community development approach.

Scheme details

The programme works towards:

  • Increasing local people's skills, encouraging community activity and self help
  • Increasing local people's understanding of health issues
  • Encouraging local people to play a role in promoting health

Two Levels of funding are currently available.

Level 1 funding is for those interested in developing a local community-pharmacy partnership that will explore some locally identified issues with a group.  You may have already established a relationship with your pharmacist and/or community but this funding can also help you establish a local partnership and develop a small project to begin to address local issues.

Grants of up to £2,000 will be awarded for projects that can last for a maximum of 6 months. 

Level 2 funding is for those who will work in partnership on a project that will address a range of issues.  There will be clear aims and objectives and a plan of work that will respond to locally identified needs and the needs of the target group.  This community–pharmacy partnership will be core to the planning, delivery and evaluation of the project.  This partnership will also seek to connect with other relevant organisations.

Grants of up to £10,000 will be awarded for projects lasting approximately 1 year.  You do not have to complete a level 1 before applying for a level 2 project.  Applications are made jointly by the pharmacy and community/voluntary partners.

Funding Critieria

In order to qualify for funding, project proposals must fulfil the following criteria which will be used to assess the applications. It is important you provide them with necessary information on the application form to enable us to establish the criteria have been met.

Establishing Need:

  • Satisfy a real community need
  • Show benefit to the Health and Social Services and other Government priorities

Meeting BCPP Objectives:

  • Demonstrate commitment from and partnership working with community pharmacists and the local community
  • Show evidence of working to a social model of health, giving consideration to the broader determinants of health
  • Use a community development approach
  • Demonstrate partnership working
  • Have clear aims and objectives

Management and Monitoring Arrangements:

  • Structured action plan and targets
  • Plan effective outcome measurement

Financial Costs:

  • Provide realistic costings

Value for Money:

  • Provide value for money

Modernisation/Service Development:

  • Demonstrate innovation and transferability
  • Provide evidence for potential service development and sustainability
  • Where possible, extend existing projects and build on existing skills


Level 1 funding is for those interested in developing ideas and a community pharmacy partnership.

Grants of up to £2,000 will be awarded for projects lasting up to 6 months.

This fund can only be accessed a maximum of 2 times by applicants.

Closing Date:  Thursday 25th October 2018


Level 2 funding is for those seeking to develop a community-pharmacy partnership that will address a range of locally identified health and well-being needs.

Grants of up to £10,000 will be awarded for projects lasting approximately 1 year.

Closing Date: Thursday 13th September 2018

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