The Older People's Training Fund

The Older People’s Fund offers funding for projects that are planned and run by and for older people. Originally called the Turkington Fund, it was created with financial support from NICVA via resources from Turkington and Seapark and is managed by the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland. The fund has grown significantly in recent years with additional investment from the Community Foundation and Atlantic Philanthropies.

Key priority: Help get older people engaged in taking community action where it hasn’t happened before, through capacity building.  Enabling active participation of older people in the community in decision-making and addressing of issues facing their sector.

 Applicants must demonstrate that there is a need and interest among older people to participate in the training.

 Applicants must ensure that the project will not be a duplication of any other initiatives based within the proposed geographical area of support.  The Community Foundation will not award any funding to projects that duplicate services and facilities that already exist in the planned project area.  Applicants should clearly detail this within the application form.

Grants available: Up to £1,500

What can be supported?

Running costs, such as sessional costs for tutors, venue hire, transport.  Examples may include costs to deliver IT training for older people 

Who can apply?

Fully constituted community organisations based within Northern Ireland.

For more information and to apply please visit -