Social Innovation Fund

We are delighted to announce that we have three new issue-based funds open for applications until the 18th January 2019:

Click here for full information about the Arts to Impact Fund. 

Click here for full information about the Early Childhood Fund. 

Click here for full information about the Sports to Impact Fund. 

Please note that while each fund has a different goal and different advantageous criteria, our core criteria always apply:

  • The project must address a critical social issue

  • The project proposed must be innovative in an Irish context

  • The project must have potential and a desire to scale or replicate in Ireland (it may also have potential internationally, but this is not a requirement)

  • The project must provide evidence that it is up and running, or has been tested at least in a minimal way

  • The project must be based on the island of Ireland and make its main impact in the Republic of Ireland

  • Applicants must come from an entity that has a not-for-profit legal form e.g. charity, company limited by guarantee, trust etc

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