Acorn Flood Fund

The Community Foundation for Northern Ireland has launched the Acorn Flood Fund to assist with the severe impact of summer flooding on the lives of people living in the North West.

Community Foundations are uniquely placed to support communities with a wide range of issues, and we have many years of experience and connections to local community groups and local government bodies.

It is our intention to support groups who apply to us for this emergency funding with grants of between £1000 up to a maximum of £2500 to those who are eligible.


Funding Criteria

  • They are funding groups, and will refer individuals to:

    • The local council

    • Groups we are funding

    • They will prioritise groups who are working to provide emergency support

  • They will fund groups providing ongoing support to those affected by the floods

  • They will fund groups whose work is in line with the charitable purposes of the Foundation and whose work has been impaired by the flooding

  • Typically they will be able to provide grants of £1k but will consider applications for up to £2,500


Please answer the following questions and reply by email to:


1. Is your organisation:

  • A voluntary or community organisation Yes/No

  • A charitable organisation Yes/No

  • A social enterprise Yes/No

  • A community interest company Yes/No

  • Other (please specify the nature of your organisation)

2. Do you have a governing document in the legal name of your organisation?  Yes/No

3. Does your governing document allow you to carry out the activities you are applying for funding for? Yes/ No

4. Does your organisation have its own UK based current bank account in the legal name of the organisation applying, (as per your governing document) which requires at least two unrelated people (who are not family members or partners) to authorise all cheques and any withdrawals? Yes/No

5. Is your account in credit?  Yes/No

6. If your account is not in credit, please explain why

7. Do you have at least two unrelated people on the board or committee that runs your organisation? Yes/No

8. Do you produce annual accounts in line with charity or company law and your governing documents? Yes/No

9. Please advise how you are providing emergency support for those affected by the floods, with details of geographical remit, numbers of potential beneficiaries, or how your work has been affected by the floods

10. Please provide details of what will you will spend this financial support on?