Accredited Training

Supporting Communities is proud to work with OCN NI to deliver accredited training courses.

Our Accredited Training is facilitated through the Open College Network NI (OCN NI).

Community Capacity Building I

Credit: OCN Level I
Time: 12 weeks half day / 6 weeks full day

  • Committee development to include forming effective teams, planning and conducting meetings, people skills
  • Fundraising to include planning a fundraising project, managing funds, monitoring and evaluation
  • Communication to include improving communication skills, dealing with the media, communicating your message effectively
  • Influencing to include how to approach decision-makers, effective lobbying
  • Conflict Management to include conflict resolution, dealing with Anti-Social Behaviour, negotiation skills

Community Capacity Building II

Credit: OCN Level II
Time: 8 weeks half day / 4 weeks full day

  • Identify and plan a community project
  • Develop a Monitoring and Evaluation process
  • Design a marketing strategy for your project
  • Assignment Based Learning (with workshops to assist participants)

Community Capacity Building III

Credit: OCN Level III
Time: 10 weeks half day / 5 weeks full day

What is "community"?

  • Benefits and Challenges of Community Development
  • Community Development Values and Principles
  • Social Justice, Policy and Diversity
  • Sharing Skills, Knowledge and Experience within and between communities
  • Reflective learning
  • Developing volunteers and staff

Community Cohesion

Credit: OCN Level I
Time: 6 weeks half day / 3 weeks full day / 2 day residential

  • Understanding stereotypes and the effect on society
  • Understand the terms equality and good relations
  • Examining prejudice and discrimination
  • Enhancing community cohesion
  • Examining good practice policies and procedures

 Tenant Participation and Community Development Level 2

Credit: OCN Level II
Time: 4 weeks half day / 2 weeks full day

What is Tenant Participation?

  • Understand what is Tenant Participation
  • Understand Policy context within U
  • Gain knowledge of Tenant Participation requirements in NI
  • Become aware of the range of approaches to Tenant Participatio
  • Understand the components of a good Tenant Participation Strategy

What is Community Development?

  • Understand what is Community Development
  • To gain knowledge of the different approaches to Community Development
  • Understand the Community Development Process
  • Become aware of the Governance Requirements
  • Understand the links between Tenant Participation and Community Development

Improving Housing Services Performance Level 2


Digital Inclusion I

Credit: OCN Level I in Computer Essentials
Time: 6 weeks half day

  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Understand the basic components of a computer and associated input devices
  • Be Aware of Computer security and privacy
  • Organise, store and retrieve information
  • Word Processing Skills
  • Browse the internet/shopping online/emails etc

Digital Inclusion II

Credit: OCN Level II in Computer Essentials
Time: 8 weeks half day

  • Progression Course from OCN Level I
  • Use IT systems to meet a variety of needs
  • Be able to manage storage and information appropriately
  • Word Processing Skills
  • Learn emails/attachments/browsing the internet/Shopping Online/Social Media
  • Understand the need for safety and security practices

Understanding Social Enterprise

Credit: OCN Level II
Time: 6-8 week half day / 3 weeks full day / 2 day residential

  • Understand the purpose and function of a social enterprise
  • Be aware of a range of social enterprises
  • Recognise the challenges and opportunities for the development of social enterprises

Developing Social Enterprise




Please note: Supporting Communities can also provide tailored/bespoke training to meet the needs of your group or organisation.  For more information or to discuss how our programmes can be tailored to your needs please contact our Training Officer.